Produce Music on Your Computer

Produce Music on Your Computer

Music is something that is common to everyone in the world. It has the ability to unite people, help them feel happy and get them jumping on their feet. There are many music artists around the globe, creating music from instruments, utensils, and even computers. Electronic music is a concept that was introduced about two decades ago in nightclubs and dance bars. At that time, it was really hard to create music as the programs that were being used had a hefty price tag and were not common to the general public.

Also, in order to create electronic music, you would require a computer that could handle the software and a bunch of other musical equipments which made this venture a dream more than a career. But as the years rolled by, computers have become a household item, where nearly every other person has access to a laptop or a computer. This has prompted many fans of electronic music to purchase music production software in order to create their own tracks and songs.

Why music artists rent computers

Many DJ’s and music producers use computers such as the Mac or PC to create their own unique sounds. It is a tedious process and it becomes a little more difficult if you do not have the right equipment at your disposal. One of the main requirements for producing music is that you must have a music studio of some sort. The minimum requirement is a good computer and a midi controller. Plug-ins, DVD burners, and hard drives are all secondary, if you have enough money to shell out. The total investment in order to produce music will cost about $5,000-$10,000 for the basic setup which includes the computer, music software programs, and sound equipment such as speakers.

This is why many electronic artists prefer to rent their equipment as they will not have to spend too much money on acquiring all the individual pieces. Electronic artists turn to computer rental companies in order to get the best computers that can handle music production software that are on the market at a fixed cost per month. Another reason why artists choose computer rental companies is because they will not have to worry about software and hardware updates. These companies ensure that they give the latest editions when they are renting out their PCs or Laptops as this is one of the services they provide to get more customers.

Which computers are suited for music production?

There are many computers that are available on the market, each with different system configurations and specifications. Music production software generally requires a very fast computer as it is essential in creating high quality songs and tracks. These programs also need to have a fast processor as it takes up a lot of short-term memory space (also known as RAM). There are only two main types of computers that you can use for music production – Macs and PCs.

Many music artists choose Mac desktops because they are fast, reliable, and are safeguarded against malware and viruses. This is highly beneficial as it protects the projects that are created on these computers from getting corrupted or damaged. Other music artists choose PCs as they are comfortable using the Windows operating system. Although PCs are more prone to viruses and malware, there are anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that protect the computer from getting corrupted.

The minimum system requirements for major music production software such as Abletone Live, FL Studio, and Sony Acid Pro for the PC is that it has to be a Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate Edition and it is also compatible with Windows 8 as well. The computer must have a system RAM of at least 2GB, and for enhanced performance a computer with a 4GB RAM or higher is recommended. The additional requirements include and Avid Audio Interface and Peripherals, one or more hard disk drives for audio and playback, at least 20 GB of free space on the start-up drive and a CPU cooler as the computer tends to get heated a lot with such programs.

You should also make sure that the PC has an anti-virus program set up on the system before you rent it out for use. The best anti-virus program that is recommended for the PC is the Kaspersky Internet Security Suite, so make sure that your computer rental company can provide this. Otherwise, the ESET NOD32 Home or business security, McAfee or CA security suite are all good alternatives.

For Mac computers that use Logic Pro, the minimum system requirement is that it has to be an Avid-qualified Apple computer, a 32/64-bit Mac OS X 10.6.7 or higher and it has to have a system RAM of at least 2GB and 4GB for enhanced performance. It is important for you to check the system specifications of the computer that you are going to rent. It must be at par with the system requirements for the program or higher in order to produce good music.


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